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Czech Republic 2017

October 11-14 Pisek, Czech Republic
For this conference edition we offered a unique travelling conference in three beautiful and historical cities: Pilsen, Pisek and Prague. Together with their partners, our host Sladovna -The Playful Gallery lead us to explore the latest developments of the field of children in museums . Within the industrial setting of Pilsen, participants from 34 countries discussed the impact of digital media and technology on children. Amidst the dreamy environment of Sladovna, the second conference day was dedicated to art, storytelling and creative play. As a grand final, Ai Weiwei’s touching Law of the journey installation beautifully introduced the theme of the last conference day: museums and galleries as places of social engagement.
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Theme Description

We, as museum professionals help children to get ready for the future and have to ask ourselves: What is it that they need? What traits, qualities and abilities do we need to foster in children?  How do we envision the future of children in the world in 10-20 years and what are our responsibilities as cultural institutions?

Focus Topics

Science/Technology and Humanity
Within the setting of (post-) industrial Pilsen, we discussed crucial elements forming the living reality of our children: impact of digital media, technologies on children, and the relevance of European cultural heritage of humanism.

Art, stories and play as tools to foster children in their social and personal development
Within the setting of the art- oriented children museum in Pisek, we discussed how to help children in becoming “good people”: how to nourish their imagination, creativity, confidence, sense of justice, empathy and ability to act.

Museums and Galleries as places of social engagement and their role in the future
In the National Gallery in Prague, we explored the social role and component of working with children in museums and close up our journey by formulating a vision of cultural institutions in behalf of children, their future and their place in society.

Conference Hosts