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About Projects

Hands On! is implementing and supporting various projects that aim to strengthen children-oriented museum organizations and professionalize children-focused museum work.

We offer

Capacity Building
Development and realization of projects to research and evaluate the field of children in museums and create professional development resources, events and services tailored to support your work. 

Active participation in your national or international project as a partner, contributing unique expertise and communication channels reaching museum professionals in 30+ countries.

Helping you to find partners for your project proposals, getting in touch with potential collaborators and sharing your project results. 

Information on funding programmes
Helping you to get an idea of  international funding schemes out there, in particular grant opportunities offered by the European Union.

Our Projects

The over-all objective of this project is to showcase and to tackle the potential of the unique quality and character of (European) children-oriented museums for benefiting society as futureoriented, 21st Century learning spots , in order to support their sustainability, support them in adaptation of their abilities and capacities to match the recently appearing challenges. To highlighting museums engaging children to a broad audience and to create well-grounded resources and guidelines for children-centred museums -related expertise in Europe.
Project Duration: 01/09/2019- 01/02/2022

Ed.G.E is a EU-cofunded project aiming at educating and raising awareness to children on gender equality and gender-based violence, by mainstreaming a culture-based educational methodology, including art-based online games/applications and the involvement of children’s museums and schools.
Project Duration: 01/10/2019-30/09/2021

UNPLUGGED is an Erasmus + Project aiming to release a board game of quests dedicated to understanding the societal challenges of the 21st-century and to the development of critical thinking for children in primary school.
Project Duration: 01/10/2019-30/09/2021
Project Duration: 01/032021-01/02/2023

LOODA (Looking for Datas) is an Erasmus + Project aiming to improve the skills of children’s museums operators in order to better know the social context in which they operate and therefore be able to measure the impact that their activities produce.
Project Duration: 01/03/2022-01/11/2023

TOMATO is a Creative Europe Project aiming to distribute creative, cultural and artistic content on an international scale by creating pedagogical and educational handbooks, a physical Tomato Kit- Food for thought, as well as a mobile app.

The Storifying An Augmented Future For Museums is focusing on developing training materials and resources for museum professionals, educators and artists interested in applying AR tools in connection with storytelling.
Project Duration: 01/03/2021-01/03/2023