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Ljubljana 2011

October 11-15 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Children’s Museums, and the Museums and Cultural Institutions sector in general have to face that cultural diversity; heritage and identity are highly relevant to their everyday activities. And although each institution is unique in its setting, exhibits and the ways in which it addresses its audience and community, there are many issues to discuss in common. The 8th Hands on Europe conference is addressing these challenging issues. The conference will invite practitioners and experts from all over Europe and around the globe to exchange interpretations and experiences of identity, heritage and diversity in their respective countries.
Hands On! Conference 2011 Slovenia

Theme Description

Children today are growing up in cultural transition. They are being raised in societies, where increasing global population shifts have led to cultural diversity, or in countries, which have to cope with nation and identity building in (post-war conflict) areas, where the diversity of cultural and ethnic heritages is being recognised as a distinctive element in the country’s character.

How does transition effect cultural heritage? Who defines cultural heritage and how is it transmitted from one generation to another? The moving of cultures through emigration: what is gained and what is lost? How does one define cultural identity in a world of diversity?

Focus Topics

Inclusive education and practices in post-conflict areas
History and Heritage
Building Bridges across Cultures

  • Identity and Cultural Heritage – what does it mean in the globalized world of today?
  • Who does the choosing? Cultural Heritage and Education
  • Cultural Heritage and Education for children and young people
  • Cultural heritage and cultural diversity
  • Cultural transition and cultural transmission
  • The demographic change – what have museums to do with it?

Conference Hosts

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