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Stockholm 2013

October 9-11 Stockholm, Sweden
In 2013, our 9th conference was hosted by the Swedish Exhibition Agency (Riksutställningar) together with the other 4 Swedish members of Hands On! International, the National museum of Science and Technology, Swedish museum of National History, the National Historical Museum and Gothenburg City Museum. Under the label Explore! 200 professionals from 22 countries, in the field of children and exhibitions, gathered in Stockholm. The conference was hosted by the Swedish Exhibition Agency in co-operation with the Swedish History Museum, the Swedish Museum of Natural History the National Museum of Science and Technology, Göteborg City Museum and the Swedish Association of Museum Teachers, FUISM. More than 30 seminars and workshops gave the participants ample opportunities to exchange experiences and knowledge. The conference also proved the need for international meetings contributing to the development of the field – children and exhibitions – through professional exchange. 
Hands On! Conference 2013 Stockholm

Theme Description

The theme of the conference was Explore! In a county famous for people like Alfred Nobel and Astrid Lindgren, this theme is congenial. In order to solve tomorrow’s big issues, we need to give all support to the little geniuses we meet everyday. Explore! Is what a child does when learning and through curiosity some of them might prove to be part of the big innovations of the future.

Whether professionals work in a Children ́s museum, a collective museum or a Science
centre, everyone ́s perspectives have been addressed – because it is only through an inter-cultural dialogue and a cross disciplinary approach that we developed.

Focus Topics

Explore Creative Learning
Explore the World of Exhibitions
Explore with Technology

  • Making the difference: The importance in cultural engagement
  • Explore Child Culture: Learning from children and their families
  • Exploring new ways to introduce children to museums
  • Different learning theories like Blended Learning
  • Access to Arts: Different ways of Looking
  • Revolution by children’s theatre
  • Let’s Cooperate! Travelling exhibitions, partnerships and the will to succeed together
  • Children’s museums across the world – working on a cultural and social scale
  • How to present successful learning projects
  • Children’s museums – a part of the evolution

Conference Hosts

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